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Car Rental is the leading car rental company providing cheap and affordable car rentals in Islamabad and Lahore, Pakistan. Our car rental rates are the cheapest in market and we provide you state of the art car service. Contact us now and confirm your booking.

Car Rental is Easy with Us! offers the simplest way to book your next car. In few steps or on a whats-app call, your booking will be confirmed by our agents. not only provides car rental with driver but also offers car rental without driver. That means if privacy matter to you more, and you want self drive car option we can happily provide a car to you at the best price in the market. All our cars are insured to protect you from car damage cost.

How HireaCar Works

Drive yourself to an adventure in 5 simple steps


Book a car on our site!


Verify your license with us.


We process your request


Hire your car after process completes


Return the car back after your trip

Car Rental Offers at Best Price:

A Car for Every Need

At HireaCar, We have a range of cars available, so something will perfectly fit your next exciting trip. Toyota Corolla, Audi, Mercedes Benz, Suzuki Bolan and other cars are available for car rentals. There are many places to visit on your weekend for relaxation after a stressful days of jobs. And we make it possible for you to enjoy your time and make it memorable for you by hiring a car from us. You can also get monthly car rental from us with an ease.

Cars with Chauffeurs

An ideal way to relax after a stressful week at the office is to go on a long drive from Islamabad to Lahore or to any other place in Pakistan. Hire a car from us gives you the opportunity to enjoy your weekend with your friends or family members.


Some clients need privacy while they hire a car form us, and wish to hire a car on self drive option, we are happily providing self drive facility to all clients who need it. In the busy roads in Pakistan you can’t afford to travel in public transport if time matters for you the most. it is important to have a self-drive car at your doorstep to make the most of your time. If you do not plan to buy a car of your own, offers the perfect solution by making the process of self-drive car booking in Islamabad and Lahore, convenient and affordable.

The Advantage!

We simplified car rentals for you, so you can focus on which car hire is important to you.

Fuel Cost Included

Don’t worry about mileage in self drive car! All petrol costs are included. If you refill fuel in our car, we’ll pay you back!

No Hidden or Extra Charges

All our plans are very simple to buy, having no hidden or extra charges included. You will love our service.

Flexi Pricing Packages

We have flexible pricing packages available to you, you can pick the best of them which suits you more.