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Monthly Car Rental

We strive to get you the best long-term car rental plans from top car leasing company in Islamabad and Lahore, Pakistan. Elite cars, professional service with flexible lease terms at competitive rates is what you can expect from hireacar. Many corporate companies and individuals in Islamabad and Lahore have realized tremendous benefits of leasing cars from us.

Monthly Lease a Car is Easy! provides brand new and old cars at the best rates ever to hire on monthly basis – available in Islamabad and Lahore. We have corporate and individual plans available for you to choose from.

Monthly Rent a Car Service

Explore all our monthly car rental plans on variety of cars available for you. Choose from Honda, Toyota and Suzuki companies brands for lease on monthly basis in Islamabad and Lahore. Monthly car rental offers are ideal for people seeking a comfortable way of every day work and for interanational visitors with a stay of about a couple of months. Our company offer free delivery and pick-up to and from your location in Islamabad and Lahore. Contact us for offering the car and price suiting your requirement. Book with us directly without having to pay mark up fees or commission. Have the car delivered to you and go around the city at your own pace in the comfort of your own car.

Car Lease

Through our large network of cars across the Pakistan, we can assist you in finding the best long-term car rental plans for any type of motors. The lease tenure ranges from 1 to 5 years at the end of which the leaser (company / individual) returns the vehicle to us. For those who live in Islamabad and Lahore, car is the preferred and essential mode of transport beside public transport. even for professionals who plan to work in Islamabad or Lahore for a year or more, renting a car on monthly basis is essential to ease their movement. The cost to lease a car is much lower than to buy one.

Car leasing provides you with the advantage of making zero down payment, only the lease contract has to be signed and a refundable security deposit has to be given. All other expenses related to the car registration, maintenance, insurance etc. is borne by the car lease company. Car leasing covers maintenance, registration and insurance for the term of the lease. Just in case your car breaks down or meets with an accident, you are provided with a replacement vehicle to keep you on the road.

Why lease from us?

While most customers are looking for the cheapest lease offers, there are those looking for a high-quality service provider that offers full-option cars.That is the moment when you will see our service very handy. We have the best cars available for you to rent on monthly basis.

How HireaCar Works

Drive yourself to an adventure in 5 simple steps


Search and Book a car on our site!


Verify your license with us.


We process your request


Hire your car after process completes


Return the car back after your trip

Why Contact For Monthly Rental?

We are operating since 2008, and we have the most experienced drivers. Our chauffeurs are also very professional & friendly.

Tell Your Requirment

Fill up the form us or contact us on Whats-app us your requirement for monthly car rental service. You will love to lease a car from us.

Multiple Monthly Plans

We will analyze your monthly rental requirements and will get you the best car rental plans for you to choose from after you review all plans.

Activate Rental Plan

After you select your car plan which best suits your needs, we immediately activate your monthly plan and hand over the car to you.